"Fawnskin ... Here We Come, and..."
by Nicki Marian

My husband, Joe, had a terrific business offer in Fawnskin Ca; one he just couldn't turn down! We rented our little house in Tarzana, packed, took our cocker spaniel dog and away we went!

The map led us to the San Bernardino Mountains - up, up and up. Upon arriving at Big Bear Lake, we found Fawnskin on the NORTH SHORE ... ahem! The thriving town was Big Bear across Big Bear Lake ... double ahem!!

The gentleman we were to meet was nowhere in sight. The Post Office had not heard of him, nor the little grocery store nor anyone!

We talked our way into temperary jobs at Fawnskin Lodge. Joe was the cook and I waited tables! Talk about a disaster.

We found a kinda, sorta cabin and kinda, sorta furnished it. Our dog, "Poo" ran loose and zipped here and there with the other dogs. He had lots more fun than we did.

For some reason, our cookin' and waitin' table jobs didn't last long ... h'mm! To earn some money, I cleaned rooms at the Lodge and Joe did outside work picking up brush and litter.

Then and then ... it started to snow ... the lake froze over to a point and it was sooooo cold. As highly intelligent as we were, bad weather never dawned on us.

It was time to leave. Our little car careened us down the highway back to San Bernardino. We sent "Poo" to a friend in Colorado Springs, sold the car and boarded a train to Denver, Colorado. Snow in Colorado? Ha! However, we had some real, living contacts in that town.

Oh yes, careening down the highway from Fawnskin, the car started to skid on the ice and I threw on the brakes... wow-de-wow... we ended up on that two-lane highway going the wrong way.

Who knew that Arthur Murray was going to appear in my life?

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