"Rifle Packin' Imp"
by Nicki Marian

The King took me to the Gun Closet - yes, a closet thing with the doors removed. In place of the doors, was a long blue velvet curtain that opened on the library and a long green velvet curtain that opened on the dining-room. Stashed inside were guns of every size and make, plus boxes of ammo.

He picked out a long, skinny kinda gun and gave it to me as we were going RABBIT HUNTING. Yike-oh. We roared off in his Buick and stopped in a forlorn field.

He managed to show me how to hold the gun, look down the barrel to the sight and... and... then when a rabbit appeared, pull the trigger... kaboom!

The King stalked down to his place in the field, a rabbit appeared, and I pulled the trigger. Oh, oh! There was a minor problem with my aim! I almost shot HIM! Once more, the gun was jerked from me and in the car I went... not gently! At least the gun did not knock me over. ( I found out later that it was a 22.)

To the best of my recollection, The King continued to hunt the rabbits, put them in a bag and delivered them to a hospital in Colorado Springs. The cook was going to make rabbit stew called 'hassen- something'.

"PISTOL Packin' Imp" never did come to fruition! Phew!!!!!!!

How did I get to be Bird Legs?

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