by Nicki Marian

When I was about 13-14, there was a wonderful Christmas present under the tree ... long, not too wide and gaily wrapped. Wow, a bridle for my horse! Talk about being excited!

Imagine my total dismay when the package turned out to be a gun ... an evil looking gun. The next thing I knew The King had me in his car and off we went in the dark and parked near a lake somewhere. He put me in a BLIND, showed me how to hold the gun, instructed me to wait for a flock of birds to come by, lead them with the end of the gun and then pull the trigger! Off he went. The BLIND was dirty, it was freezing cold; but I put the gun to my shoulder, saw a bunch of birds overhead, pulled the trigger and landed flat on my back in the dirt ... kaboom!

We rode home in utter silence. Whose shoulder was black and blue and purple for weeks? Who was never taken duck hunting again?

Later, it was disclosed that the gun was a 12-gauge shotgun ... they "kick" ... really???????

How I became a "Rifle Packin' Imp"

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