TA TA DOLLY (Hello Imp?)
by Nicki Marian

Again, deposited at Aunt Daisy's, I was happy until my cousin, Duane, said that my mother and the big man were in Chicago (where's that?) getting married! I turned on him and yelled, "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!" and grabbed at his glasses. He slapped me. The rest of the time is a total blank until ... until I remember sitting on the curb outside of my Aunt's house. A large car drew up by me, I was told to get in the back seat by my mother.

We drove somewhere and the big man told me that now we were a "Royal Family"; he was "The King", my mother was "The Queen" and I was "The Imp"! This was just the beginning of an already confusing 5-year-old life. Miss May did reappear in Jane Charlys Elliott's, Yaney's and The Imp's life ... Dolly Dimples was a mere memory.

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