by Nicki Marian

B-4 IMP was not one of my names, but the following is an important prelude to my already confusing little life.

Back at the small duplex from Aunt Daisy's, I was put to bed early and Miss May went home. A large man would come to visit my mother. Peeking out my bedroom door, I saw that he had his arm around my mother's shoulder ...h'mmm. One night, peeking out my bedroom door, I saw a white bag of something on the buffet within easy reach. Shhh ... upon opening it, there was some sort of hard candy filled with nuts. I snuck a piece, ate it in my bedroom (with my eyes shut so God wouldn't get me), snuck another piece and another, gobble and gobble. Suddenly, becoming violently sick at my stomach, I upchucked all over the floor... the noise recocheted into the living-room. And, I was surrounded by the large man and my mother, both horrified! That's all I remember about that night. Punished? Ever talked about? To this very day I can't look peanut brittle in the face!

Later, someone told me that the large man wasn't merely 'visiting' my mother, he was COURTING her ... whatever THAT meant.

March of the Imp Queen

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