by Nicki Marian

Every now and again my mother would take me to her sister's little house on N. Tejon St. in Colorado Springs ...whee!!! I was about 4 years old. Aunt Daisy called me "Dolly Dimples" and gave me all of the fun that was not permitted by Miss May.

She hugged me, tickled me and laughed with me. I was allowed to wade barefoot outside in the 'diddy' (ditch) water that swooshed down the gutter. A neighbor girl, named Juanita, and I became best friends. Making dolls out of the holly hock blossoms and eating the white stuff from inside the stems was a biggie! I even tried to climb a tree in the back yard and got stuck. Aunt Daisy's grown son, Duane, had to rescue me. He then showed me how to vault the front porch little fence; I whopped to the ground and my first black eye resulted! Dolly Dimples was permitted wondrous freedom not allowed at my mother's little duplex, and Miss May was nowhere in sight!

All of this took place in 1927-28 ... the memories are vivid, however. Eventually, I did discover that I did NOT have dimples, that Miss May would come back into the scene and that Doc Stough would become a major part of my little life. Double yike!

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