by Nicki Marian

After my father's death, mother and I moved to a little duplex in Colorado Springs and ... a teensy heavy-set lady named Miss May entered into my life. She was English and wore a long black dress, covered by a starched white apron. Her sturdy shoes were high topped and buttoned. She became "MY GOVERNESS" and took care of me when mother was gone..gone where? I never figured that out.

"God will get you!" she would snap whenever I misbehaved which was a lot! I used to bite my finger- nails, and she caught me. "Open your mouth, Yaney", she intoned. She looked down my throat, gasped and told me that my nails had turned into little worms! Guess who never, ever bit her nails again???? BUT, I figured the God thing out and I'd shut my eyes when I did something wrong and figured that God couldn't see me! Ha! "Yaney" had it made!

Wait ... "Yaney" had a pretty,long kimona and was doing a dance before the electric heater. All of a sudden I was ablaze. Yike! Miss May saved me and could hardly wait to tell my mother when she came home. My mother actually STERILIZED a fly swatter, cooled it off and then swatted my fanny once for the escapade. It was the only time I was swatted ...h'mmm.

Then along came "Dolly Dimples" ... that's another name I acquired. Hang in there.

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