by Nicki Marian

My birth certificate reads "Jane Elliott". My mother was going to name me "June", but a friend of hers beat her to the name by naming her first born "June". As my father died on my 3rd birthday, I was never told if he called me "Jane". Matter-of-fact, he was discussed very little and, somehow, I knew not to ask.

Suddenly my middle name became "Charlys", pro- nounced CHAR-LESS. Somewhere in someone's family there were twins named "Martha and Charlys". Whose family? The twins were never, ever discussed and, again, I knew not to ask questions. I was an only child so there was noone to ask.

Much later, when I was old enough to make the Society Page in the Colorado Springs Gazette, it was imperative that my full name appeared ...spelled correctly ... "Elliott" with TWO Ts and TWO Ls and, of course, CHARLYS had to be right!!!

This was just the beginning of my many names... Phew.

It took many years for my name to become Nicki Marian... read on if your curiosity's got-cha?

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