MISS Marian - 1947
by Nicki Marian

My husband, Joe, and I left Philadelphia and decided to stay in Denver, Colorado for a time. He found a job and I landed an outta-sight job at Arthur Murray's Studio teaching "Dancing in a Hurry"!

Bud, Howard was the head of the studio. Before any of us were assigned a student, we were taught the Arthur Murray way. It was mandatory that we were competent to teach the fox-trot, tango, rhumba and jitterbug!. My name as an instructor was MISS Marian... I recall keeping on my wedding ring !!! There was kinda a to-do over that... I won! "Ms." was unheard of at the time.

THEN and THEN... wow ... Arthur Murray and a gal named Frances Tidridge (?sp) Monahan (?sp) came out from New York to dance with each of us. What do ya know... MISS Marian passed with flying colors!

Bud had a large estate somewhere outside of Denver and we had great parties there!

My being tall, Bud, assigned me the guy students over 6'. It was such a fun time until ... until ... one of my students was in the Army and he came for his lessons in his PFC uniform. Wow, could he had used a strong deodorant ... PHEW. Queasy Miss Marian had him practise alone on the other side of the room. Finally, I went to a doctor for to have him prescribe some 'seasick' medication. MISS Marian ... HA!!!!!!!!!

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