NICKI et al
by Nicki Marian

'Nicki' has been my name for lo these 54 years. The only people who call me "Jane" are salespersons, my attorney and bank employees. When I hear it intoned, it startles me in a chilling way and sometimes I don't respond!

A couple of friends call me "Knickums" and that's fine with me.

My very fav name is "Kinder". Our first grandson started calling me that when he was barely old enough to talk. This name caught on and my grandchildren, all grown, still call me by that name. On occasion, they shorten it to "Kin". I'll go for that name any day. YES, I know that Kinder means "Child" .... soooo?

This is the end of the "Nicki-Names" story.. Choose any name you'd like... just don't call me JANE!

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