by Nicki Marian

Obviously, our three children called us MOM and Dad. We had a great house in Anaheim, California on a corner lot. As the kids grew and grew and grew, we had open house for all of their friends. They called me "Mrs M". We never locked the front door. They would leave messages on the blackboard hung in the kitchen and had great fun with the wooden dog houses also hung on one kitchen wall ..that's another story!

They could smell our Bar-B-Que from miles away and anything else that was cooking. The high school kids treated Mr. and Mrs. M one Spring Vacation by steaming the wall paper off the walls all over our big house and then painting everything in sight! The girls, in order to reach the high places, sat on the guys, shoulders and the music was blaring. Fortunately, Mr. M was at work during all of this. Mrs. M gave the Anaheim High School cast parties and everyone had a good noisy time. I would warn the neighbors that there would be lots of comin' and goin' ... the police were never called.

So many memories ... oh ... nothing was ever stolen and GUNS WERE UNHEARD OF!!!!!

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