by Nicki Marian

Going to the doctor for nausea and a cure-all was not my problem. You guessed it!

Yes, Miss Marian was pregnant! Joe and I had been married for over four years and had about given up having a baby. Months later, Doc Baum, a neighbor, rushed us to the hospital in his company car. He was a federally employed veterinarian. Doc kept telling us that if I had the baby in his car, it would become FEDERAL PROPERTY!

Joe, the father-to be, was soooo calm and collected that he signed me in by the first name of JEAN... a small mistake as my legal first name is JANE! I was unaware of this goof at the time.

"JEAN" showed up on my wrist band, the baby beads and the birth certificate. It took some doing but, with my doctor's help, we were able to correct the grievous error and all became legal!

It's amazing that Joe didn't sign me in as "Nicki", the name he gave me early on in our relationship. NICKI is quite another story. Hang in there!

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