Miss MARIAN? Whaaatttt???
by Nicki Marian

Backtrack... Backtrack. Our last name is NOT spelled or pronounced as follows: "Merry-oh-wit", "Marion- owitch", "Moron-o-witz", "MarionoVITCH". Just needed to get that straight!

For simplicity's sake, my husband, Joe, and I trimmed it down to just plain "Marian". That's how 'Miss Marian' taught 'dancing in a hurry' at Arthur Murrays.

We didn't change the name legally as we discovered "Marianowits" was the only one in existence. The correct pronounciation is "Marry-ON-oh-wits"!

Our grown children and grandchildren are still spelling away ... Merrily! Merrily! Merrily!!!

Not that Miss Marian is explained, let's go on to "JEAN".

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