by Nicki Marian

Joe and I left Philadlephia, stopped in Colorado Springs to pick up our car and whipped to California. That is a story in itself, believe me! We settled in Denver, and I found a wonderful job at Arthur Murray's teaching "Dancing in a Hurry"!

Before any of us were assigned a student, we were taught the Arthur Murray way. It was mandatory that we were competent to teach the fox-trot, waltz, the tango, rhumba and jitterbug! My name as an intructor was Miss Marian... that was before "Ms."came into being.

THEN and THEN... wow... Arthur Murray, himself, and a gal named, Frances, came out to dance with each of us! What do ya know... Miss Marian passed with flying colors!

My being tall, the manager of the studio, Bud Howard, assigned me the guy students over 6'. It was such a fun time until... until...one of my students was in the Army. And, he came in his PFC uniform... and could have used a strong deodorant. Queasy... yuck. Miss Marian had him practise alone on the other side of the room. Finally, I went to a doctor to have him prescribe some 'seasick' medication. MISS Marian, ha!!!!!!!!

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