by Nicki Marian

In my early adolescence, a girl named Marian and I were inseparable after school and during the week- ends. She called me "Jairn" and, in turn, I named her "Mairn". Somehow, these names turned into "Wainsie-Poo" and Painsie-Woo".

Later, on a tour to Europe in 1939 with "The King" and "The Queen", there was this great looking guy named Doug, on the same tour with his family. We sat together on the trains, buses and sorta held hands. We went to France, England, Ireland, Scotland and ... GERMANY! Germany in 1939! He named me "Sunshine" ... one of my fav names! Oh yes, there were several clandestine kisses! After the tour, we went our separate ways.

The next fall, Sunshine went to college in Boulder, Colorado. A good friend of mine had a brother named Charles, and we met on campus one day. We started to date and whadda ya know? Sunshine turned into "Louie". We partied at his frat house and my sorority house... and had wondrous picnics hither and thither. Louie and Charles hiked all over and adventured evcrywhere. Go to class? Study? Homework? Get real!

No longer in college (ahem!), Louie was introduced to a Lieutenant Nix. He was in the army stationed at Camp Carson outside of Colorado Springs. "Wench" was now my name! Bob Nix and the Wench were married. A few months later, he was sent to Italy. WWII was at its height. Shortly thereafter, I re- ceived the dreaded telegram that he had been killed. The "Wench" was no longer.


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