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The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man
written by Genesis
performed by The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment

MPEG4 Movie of The Guartanteed Eternal Sanctuary Man

On The Farm I know a farmer who looks after the farm.
With water clear, he cares for all his harvest.
I know a fireman who looks after the fire.

You, can't you see he's fooled you all.
Yes, he's here again, can't you see he's fooled you all.
Share his peace,
Sign the lease.
He's a supersonic scientist,
He's the guaranteed eternal sanctuary man.
Look, look into my mouth he cries,
And all the children lost down many paths,
I bet my life you'll walk inside,
Hand in hand,
Gland in gland.
With a spoonful of miracle, He's the guaranteed eternal sanctuary man.

We will rock you, rock you little snake,
We will keep you snug and warm.

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