Supper's Ready
written by Genesis
arranged and performed by
The Holiday Band

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Gog City

Suppers Ready is a voyage through the history of mankind starting with two halves of the same soul in their living room at home - together again having been separated as Adam and Eve were in the Beginning. It runs through history showing the different lives these people have lived apart from each other from great and bloody battles (wandering in the chaos) through to modern day (Churchill mum diddly washing and dad diddly office). Through all of those lives they have learnt difficult and bloody lessons and came to realize that the path of God within them was the only path. Once that was known both could reunite (can't you feel our souls ignite) The life cycle was complete and they could achieve their personal revelation as described in the Bible and enter the New Jerusalem.

Suppers Ready refers to the Last Supper at which a goblet was used which would later hold the blood of Christ. A goblet later brought to the UK by Joseph of Arimathea and revered throughout history as the Holy Grail. At Christ's second coming it will be used to cleanse the waters of the world and herald the second coming. A second coming that will be heralded by Christ's personal messenger angel - Gabriel.

-- anonymous


Wee Pea -- animation, production assistance, vocals on "We will rock you, rock you little snake", live action footage for "You're all full of ball", and elsewhere.

Wee Pea's Big Brother -- animation

Weaze -- modeling. All photos are real (including the ones with Chester Thompson, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins.)

Sidd -- 2nd Grip (and live-action, low-temperature physics, lab footage for The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man )

Capn' -- additional animation

Mother Nature -- the natural sights and sounds of birds, crickets, water flow, waves, clouds, etc.

The Dead -- photos of casualties from the Civil War and World War II

The Famous -- O.J. Simpson, Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton, Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon, Hitler and Bill Gates appear as themselves (courtesy of public domain)

Napoleon -- wedding invitation used for "Sign his lease"

NASA -- "Big Bang" animation, tornado on the sun movie, and various others

Hubble -- photo of "the farthest depths of space that man has ever seen" is used for the starry background throughout the movie. Moon photo used for "Pythagoras with the looking-glass, reflecting the full moon"

Kent State -- mouse "sperm & egg" footage
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