Before It's Too Late

We started thinking back about all the people that have helped us and want to thank you before it's too late. We're sure many of you don't even remember the kind deeds you've done. That is likely because we did not properly point it out at the time by adequately thanking you. Please forgive us and except our apology -- thank you.

(listed in order no particular order)

Friends of Janis Joplin, REO Speedwagon, Supertramp, Peter Gabriel, Tony Levin (bassist for Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, John Lennon), Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs, Kansas, Deep Purple), Dave Larue, Genesis (roadband included... Chester Thompson is quite kind), Graham Nash, Pierre Robert, Patrick Moraz (Moody Blues, Yes), Eddie Money, Nazareth, Zebra, Elvis Costello, Carl Gardner (The Coasters), Andy Cahan (Mothers Of Invention, Jimi Hendrix, The Turtles), The Fish (of Country Joe and the...), Crissy Hynde, Joe Walsh, Robert Hazard ("Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"), 1,000 Foot Krutch, Grand Funk Railroad, Jim Croce's family, John Cipollina's friends (Quicksilver Messenger Service, Zero, etc.), Bob Marley's associates, Bela Fleck, and any we have forgotten.

Other Things on Our
Before We Go "To Do" List

  1. fix hole in ozone
  2. air-out atmosphere of greenhouse gases
  3. repair faulty refrigerator and permafrost
  4. clean up spilt methane from under polar ice cap
  5. get ice for alps and bipolar parties
  6. filter all the water we fouled
  7. celebrate arbor day and pay tribute to Johnny Appleseed

See Low And Behold for a partial list of *sigh* too lates.

Handwritten Notes

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