The Original
Johnson Cup® Jet-Flo®Waterer
Automatic Fountain

The Johnson Cup® was developed in the 1930's by Earl B. Johnson (1896-1977) of Freehold, New Jersey.

Johnson recognized the need for a watering system that would automatically assure a constant supply of clean, fresh water for poultry and small animals.

While performing occasional kitchen duty, he observed the action of the cup and bowl as they would either float or sink depending on the amount of water in them. The idea for an automatic poultry fountain was thus conceived.

Hundreds of thousands are being used by Experiment Stations, Institutions and Commercial Poultry-men, kennels, veterinary facilities, shelters, zoos and homes.

The rugged design and corrosive resistant nickel plated brass material, provides for a long, trouble-free operating life. The only moving part is the inner floating cup.

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