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COMMERCIAL Swimming Pool Specialists

We specialize in Swimming Pool Total Quality Management. We have successfully completed swimming pool installations for Municipalities, Universities, Schools, YMCAs, YWCAs, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, Jewish Community Centers, Water Parks, Zoos, etc. in this region and throughout the Northeast. We are available to help you in all phases of a project as well as to service and maintain your equipment on an ongoing basis.

We represent Neptune-Benson who manufacture premium quality high-rate commercial sand filter systems. Steel Filters lined with Flexsol2000R and Fiberglass Filters are guaranteed for 15 years against leakage. Neptune-Benson also offers Stainless Steel Perimeter Gutter Systems, as well as Circulation Equipment, Deck Equipment etc.

We supply and install revolutionary Filter Media - ClinoPure80TM - call us for details of this remarkable product - Save Water, Energy, Labor; Reduce Chemical use and Backwash Frequency; Prevent Chloramine odor and eye burn.

We install and service Automatic pH and Sanitizer Water Chemistry Controllers.

We work with Owners and/or their Architects and Engineers in design and layout of pools and their water treatment systems. In particular, we offer a "Design/Supply" option which guarantees that the pool water treatment systems are designed correctly and that the equipment supplied is of the quality that is desired.

We supervise equipment installation, and carry out start-up and operation instruction, to ensure ongoing satisfaction with the equipment.

We supply and service chemical feed systems Stenner feed pumps, Carbon Dioxide feed systems, Pool Chemistry Test Kits, Robot Pool Vacuums, a full line of replacement parts and commercial pool supplies.

We service what we sell. We offer yearly Maintenance Service Contracts.

We are your "one-stop" solution to all your pool equipment needs!

We look forward to working with you to ensure:
successful completion of all your swimming pool projects and premium ongoing water quality.

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