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Welcome to the homepage of the Council Rock Basketball Association

Click here for the 2005-2006 Registration Form - Please follow the instructions on this page to register your child for the upcoming season.

Click here for Travel Supplement Form - This form is mandatory when registering for the travel program.

Click here for Skill Level Evaluation Dates - All intramural players must attend the applicable date for the grade and gender.

Click here if you would like to get more information about our youth basketball leagues. Thank You.

Due to Council Rock Basketball Associationís (CRBA) growth and limited access to the districtís gyms, AND not enough volunteers, we anticipate again having to limit the number of children admitted to play at certain age groups. Accordingly, I encourage you to send in your registration immediately. We will admit every child whose registration was mailed on or before September 17, 2005 and at our only two walk-in registrations on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 6-8 pm and Saturday, September 17 at 9am to noon at the Northampton Township Building. Please check our web page, where you will be able to download registration forms and other CRBA information. After September 17, registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Second grade registration will remain open through November if space is available.

Except for referees, all those involved in CRBA including coaches and board members are volunteers and receive absolutely no payment. Volunteers are needed. We always need age group coordinators, board members and coaches. Please call 215-579-9939. It will make a difference for your children. Coaches are needed at all age groups.

The league is, as always, sound with an active and quality volunteer board of directors. The league is fully anticipated to run as usual for the upcoming year and for many years in the future. Despite increases in insurance, school district and township court time fees, equipment and referee fees, we will be able to hold the registration fee the same as last year and the fee is only $5.00 more than in 2001.

In the past, we have had to turn away a number of children at certain age groups because of a lack of gym space and coaches, and refund requests not only raises costs for all other participants, but may prevent another child from participating in our program. Accordingly, all registrations are subject to a $25.00 non-refundable administration fee and please do not request a refund after registration is closed and teams are chosen. Inquire at registration or email, if you have any questions regarding our refund policy.

For the benefit of the children, this year we intend to again enforce our "no tolerance" policy with regard to players, coaches and non-participants. We will not tolerate any abusive conduct. There will be no warnings and you or your child will be asked to leave the gym and may be subject to suspension or expulsion, should you refuse to comply. Enjoy your child, enjoy the game, but remember itís only a childís game. Root for the children, do not comment, yell or confront our referees or volunteers. Remember all children in CRBA are equal which is why we enforce fully our equal playing time rule. Thank you for appreciating the safety of your child and other children, by remembering that no jewelry or earrings are permitted on the courts at anytime (practice, tryouts, and games). Please do not place your childís coach or referee in an uncomfortable position of asking your child to leave the court. You cannot apply tape or band-aids to earrings. No earrings. No wristbands. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For the board, Randy H. Kaplan, President, CRBA

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