Cron Vortex:
The Universal Theorem contains elements from Einstein's Theory of Relativity / Space-time Continuum, Vortex Physics, Chaos Theory, & The Laws of Thermodynamics

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TIME from the mind of L.K.
Is time a dimension?

Speed, Time & Accuracy
Is fastest always the best?

...from a dream-actualization answer.

Redoubt On Fort Hill
A Revolutionary War victory that time forgot.

Q: Why?
A: Time will tell.

In real estate, location is very important... so is timing.

Sun Disappears: Time and Its Relativity to Me (.avi, Real Audio, .wav Downlaods)
A multimedia observation and question period.

On Timewave Zero and The Big Bang(s)... birth, aging, degeneration, death.
A conversation that offers an explanation to our existence.

Do you know what time it is?
or, should I say... do you know what time is?

Seize: Can we slow velocity to freeze time?

Psychological Arrow of Time: How Can I Relate?
The 'I gotta get outta here' feeling... but, where are you gonna go? And, how fast are you gonna get there?

Another Stone in da Wall part 1
When we grew up and went to school....

When are you going to wake-up and smell the coffee?
A multimedia question and answer period... well, at least a question period.

The Total Distortion of Reality
MPG4 [MPEG4 (Moving Pictures Expert Group)] Test

Man, it was a long time ago since I was in high school.
An entry from Anudder Stone On Da Wall

Ticking Away
Your life is still progressing... whether you agree to it or not.

Vortex Physics: the basic of whirlpools, tornadoes and other spinning chaotic systems.
An introduction to Vortices.