God Bless Our Universe

What About You?

Let There Be Light?

A Conversation Amongst Musicians

The Pickle as Will and Idea

Seeing the light through music.

Independence Day
Uniting states for enlightenment.

What's so Funny 'bout Peace, Love & Understanding?


The Winter of the White Light: Scenario Plan For Man
What's the worse case scenario? What if the terrain known as Earth would no longer support life?

A Positive Flow: Ride The Energy Rush
The concept of getting ready for the ride of all times.

If i were to donate my body to science... how much energy could be produced from my mass?
A scientific analysis of my lite content.

Credits for help in finding the Meaning of Life: Rene Descartes, Arthur Koestler, Roger Penrose, etc.
Looking for an explanation and acknowledging those who have come before us.

Shades Of Enlightenment: a multimedia interpretation of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (Real Video and .avi Download)

  1. What shall you do with this life?
  2. How can you do things that are good?

Voices In The Sky: a Tribute to the Moody Blues (.avi downloads / music video & song lyrics)
Some people seem to be in tune with the Universe

What do you know about light and dark?
We asked our friend, Al From England, what he knew about shade.

Vortex flow

Vortices II
Vortices and singularites

Vortices III
A historical note

Cartesian Vortices
Musings by Rene Descartes

Cartesian Vortices: Yabuttal
a Yabuttal for Rene

The Decline of Determinism
The first blow: The Uncertainty Principle


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