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The Pain Of Domestic Violence
What hurts the most about abuse?

Spousal & Child Abuse
Help! Stop Domestic Violence.

Charles Manson
Is he the most dangerous man alive?

I Love You, Mama
A non-fictional account of my mother being at death's door and her passing away, perishing, expiring... dying.

Who's To Blame?
A poem about society.

The Poor Ducks
Ducks taste delicious, especially when toasted.

Learning to Walk in New Shoes
The most difficult and painful part is taking over the role of provider and single disciplinarian.

Are there harmful effects from pornography?
A debate and experiment about sex, perversion, and normalcy.

It Monster!
Why do we have a mortal fear of the dark?

What's That? The Jig Up, Jack?
Ode to Commander In Chief of the Impeachment War for all Religions

DEATH: Why I Hate to Die
The reasons I hate pain.

Scream Dream: Are the Times as Bad as They Seem? (Scary Nightmares Vs. Your Life)
A multimedia page that asks the question, which is more frightnin' -- life or scary dreams?

Something Strange in the Air? Global Situation REPORT
A gut feeling on where we are.

Is It Dark? Introducing Wiz the Engineering Sorcerer
'How best to serve mankind?' Medium Rare I think!

What do you mean you are a Sorcerer? Holy Eye of Newt! Shall I fear the wrath of Satan?
An email thread on what sort-of sorcerer Wiz is.

President Saddam Hussein, chemical and biological weapons, Anthrax and the like.
Recent events bring our safety into question.

Noize Tests / Sound Engineering: Experiments in Harsh Soundtracks (Made for Steaming Video Downloads) & Harsh Attitudes
From laboratory narration to heavy metal guitar: a study in noise and the effects of being processed for Real Audio's 'Real Player'. (streaming video format / .rm)

A Capn's Tale of a Tornado
Tornadoes ravage the Orlando area, too close for comfort for me!

Are You Comfortably Numb?
A Floydian look at living in the dark.

Expertise in the study of drugs, toxic chemicals, air/water and soil exposures, contaminants in aquifers, their mobility and transformations, and the human/mammalian pathology associated with exposures.
Welcome, Dr. Tox, to the Membrane Domain.

Run Like Hell (Adaptation About GUILT)
Run like hell? It's more like, what the hell... what the hell is he talking about?

Control Theory
As applied to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song.

Head Toward the Center of the Earth