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About This Portfolio


PIXAR became famous when they created the first digital major motion picture release, Toy Story . Following this success were 2 more great movies, A Bug's Life and Toy Story 2 . Their original rise to fame was helped by a deal with Disney. As they released each movie, PIXAR gained a larger percentage of the revenues. Other products include interactive software for children and professional animation software.

Caterpillar designs, manufactures and markets construction, mining, agricultural and forestry machinery. Their annual report usually has lots of fun pictures.

Lockheed Martin
These guys are veterans in the making of aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, missiles and electronics. Now, they are sending up internet satellites. Someday my son hopes to fly in one of their machines.

The stock that prompted this portfolio. Several years ago, I purchased Boeing as part of a long term "adult" portfolio. The stock price climbed, and the stock was sold. What I had failed to realize was that my son had grown attached to their annual report. He loved looking at the pictures of the planes. As time went by, his persistence on the matter prompted me to buy it for him again.

I was reluctant to purchase Matel... until my 4-year-old daughter's favorite phrase became, "Barbie.com".

widgette.com children's savings plan Disney
That same 4-year-old loves the Disney annual report. Not only does she love to see the pictures of what is coming out next, but she also likes to check their numbers. She spends more time looking at the annual report than any Disney toy or movie. It was the best investment in a "toy" that I've ever made.

Ralston Purina
When you buy Ralston you get three kid's stocks in one. 1) Purina pet chows for their dog and other animals 2) Breakfast cereals 3) Energizer Bunny batteries

Ray O Vac
Gameboy, remote controlled car, portable music machines, and the list goes on.... Since our battery usage is so high, we figured we might as well pay ourselves some of that money.

About This Portfolio

As a person interested in finance, people are always asking me questions about money, stocks, bonds and wealth. So, before answering, I usually ask them, "What will you do with your money? What will be your prize possession?"

When I ask myself these questions, the answer is simple -- "My children."

Wisest Investments

How can I best serve my children? Well, I may not be able to make the best, or wisest decisions. But, one option could not be ignored -- "Get the kids involved!" That way... in any event... we would get to enjoy time and knowledge as a family.

In determining the mix of the portfolio, the children voiced their vote using the following criteria:

  1. Interest in the annual report
  2. Use of the company's products

Overall, this is a "buy-and-hold" portfolio.

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