About The Music Club

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The Music Club is a privately funded organization open to qualified individuals, regardless of race, sex, religion or age.

To qualify, a member must try to:

  1. have fun
  2. do "the right" thing

The Mission Statement, Objectives and Goals of SAMC

The main idea of the SAMC is to create a circle of education. In this living experiment, the students will be teachers... and, the teachers will be students.

An example of this technique will be the use of extremely talented musicians as teachers. Though the musicians may think that their main goal is to teach the children, some of the area's leading businesses experts will be there to help teach the musicians. That is to say:

Businessmen teach business skills to musicians --> musicians teach artistic skills to the children --> the children teach the businessmen about "word of mouth" advertising, and around and round.


The overall structure for the learning environment will be to create a model "Rock N' Roll" band, album, concert, stage show and tour.

Example Experiment

As an example, we've started to create an imaginary concert.. a dream concert... where a Russian longs to come play music in America. Our goal is to turn this virtual concert into a real concert. We want to help make the dream come true.

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