Techno Bad Bones and the....
At the Spur of the Moment!


This is an extemporaneous songwriting session. All words and music were created exactly as you will hear them -- freeform. The exception to this rule is the warm-up tune, Boree. It is an impromptu interpretation of a classic Jethro Tull song.

All songs are "first attempts" and were recorded using a single stereo track. There have been no overdubs nor studio enhancements. It is just pure music.

Boree (Jethro Tull cover)
Includes a one-man-band playing the keyboards, vocals, percussion, and flute.

Is There Too Much To Fit?
Introducing Thadious on bass.

Creation Vibration

Say Hey

Aggressive By Nature
Instrumental featuring electric guitar.

Thinkin' Of Syncin'

Some Kind of Magic Going On

Do Ya Have Ta Get Back?

Via The Moon
This is a song about the sun being able to shine down on me. Even in the dark, the sun manages to "shine on" by reflecting off of the moon. And, if the sun can shine on even the darkest moments, why can't you?

Can You Give Me Something Comfortable?

I'm Hoping That Someday... I Can Be Free

Lonesome Sole
The lead electric guitar makes a nice vent for the soul.

Not To Be Selfish

The Doi Choir
This far-out flute song was going to be cut from the album. However, its haunting rhythm kept calling out for freedom.


Put Me Outta My Misery

Techno Bad Bones

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