(It's Coming) 4 Sure

Get a hold of yourself!
Get a grip.

Get a hold of yourself.
You're such a drip!

[Instrumental: Evil starts seeping in the cracks.]

It's a strange felling....
And, it's coming over me.
There's a strange feeling....
It's a certainty.

[Instrumental: Goodness starts sniffing the evil.]

Can't you feel it coming?
Cantcha, cantcha cantcha?
Cantcha feel it comin'....
Ever closer.
Breathin' down your neck
What the heck?
Are ya gonna run?
Or, stay for the fun?

Can't you feel it coming?
It's getting nearer,
Can't you feel it coming?
Or, don't you care to share your anxiety?

Time marches on.
It's gettin' closer.
It's gonna be... upon you.
If you don't do somethin'...
Totally new.

Is anybody out there?
Is anybody in there?
And, can ya tell me,
Do ya even care...?

The answer is to share -- share your lovin'!
The answer is to share... to Share your lovin'!

Can't you feel it coming?
It's growing nearer.
Can't you feel it coming?
It's almost here.
Can't you feel it coming?
Do you have fear?

Aaaaaaaaargh. [Instrumental: Death or salvation?]

Double Taxation Without Representation?

Take a stand on theology.

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